Hello there!  My name is Lisa and this is my domain to write about whatever I like regarding training, life, and food.  I’m very big into health and fitness and will always look for news ways to be healthy.  I often make myself my own guinea pig, trying out new some health foods and see how they affect me.

I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario.  I wouldn’t say that I was ever fat, but I was really unhealthy with my eating habits until my late teens.

I was never active throughout my years growing up:  I took part in elementary basketball and volleyball teams then stopped all physical activity when I went to high school.  I started jogging in first year in November 2006, took a break during the winter and continued running again in Spring 07 to this present day.  Jogging was more of a recreational activity for me as oppose to vegetating at the computer or in front of the TV.  Eventually I was motivated by friends and family to push myself to take running more seriously and signed up for my first race in October 09.  Unfortunately experienced a knee injury in November 09 hindering my ability to run.  Lots of visits to the doctors and foot doctors and tests later left me with the only option of using the elliptical machine for a few months.  Eventually once my knee healed I started using the treadmill then eventually outside in the bone chattering cold.  With a lot of encouragement and motivation, I stayed running outside.  It was a slow progression because I regressed on my time off running.  Slowly my distance increased evenutally I did my first 10k race and I enjoyed it so much that I was motivated to do more!

Since the summer of 08 I have started working out in the gym and paid more attention to strengthening muscles and proper training for running.  I enjoy being active and trying out new sports/activities.  You can often find me at the gym trying to be buff (when I can’t) or trying out classes.

The name, My Overloaded Gym Bag came about during my last year of university. From September to April, I spent many mornings waking up at 6am to hit the gym for 7am then head for morning class. I would load up my gym bag with everything I ever need for the day (lunch, extra clothes, shoes, snacks, dinner, etc). So carrying that bag was not the greatest highlight from Mon-Fri.


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